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Explore how we evolved from being the best-funded start-up in history to one of the world’s six Tier 1 Internet operators. Meet the team behind our mission to combine comprehensive telecommunication services with true partnership. Discover how we are improving communication and enabling next-generation technology.

Our History

We were founded on the premise that cost-effective, scalable and reliable networks were the future for the telecommunications business. Once called “the best funded start-up in history,” we continually invested in infrastructure to become a world-class communications provider and have won the trust of the world's most sophisticated communications companies. It’s been an interesting history and is an ongoing story, one that we think you’ll want to know about in greater detail.

Our Team

As you would expect, our leadership has deep experience in telecommunications. The senior management team has been carefully selected to form a balanced group of thought leaders who have witnessed – and help drive – the development of modern data, voice, video, asset and application communication.

What We Value

We choose to do the right thing always, even when no one is looking

We're honest with ourselves, our customers and our stockholders, especially when it is hard


We are accountable to our customers, our stockholders and each other for our successes and failures

We have the opportunity, as owners, to participate in the success of our enterprise


We behave like professionals, continuously learning and improving our contribution

We appreciate efforts and reward results, and create a culture of collective success for our customers, our stockholders and ourselves


We treat everyone with respect

We encourage debate and seek out a diversity of opinions


We deliver on what we promise, internally and externally

We are committed to making us the trusted network partner for our customers